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Our methodology provides our clients with the tools and principles of Breakthrough Performance Technology to apply in any area of their business. The typical CSL Consulting engagement includes:


CSL will clarify what works, what doesn’t work and what is missing in the organizational culture, which indicates what it is needed to be empowered, impacted, or implemented.

Training and Development:

• Building a new culture for unpredictable performance
• Discover new ways of thinking in performance that will impact the actions and results
• Access to new actions that were not available before, consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Framework of the organization
• Create operative practices that empower the implementation of the new corporate environment
• Set breakthrough results and accomplishments
• Deal with problems effectively and continue causing results consistent with the Vision, Mission and organization's Strategic Framework
• Training in a new model of action, to resolve problems creatively, with velocity, to achieve the committed objectives and results
• Design practices and actions for the effective resolution of problems and difficulties that elevates and transforms performance
• Distinguish what determines / limits performance
• Develop the ability to empower one and others Accountability
• Provide tools for the creation and design of performance contracts consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Strategic framework of the organization


CSL has coaching meetings with individuals and teams to empower the implementation of what they have learned and discovered.
• Ownership of the future of the Organization and creation of new levels of leadership and performance
• Establish critical, specific, measurable, and tangible objectives consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Framework of the organization
• Conduct Performance Contract Reviews; to see if the critical objectives are being fulfilled, what in the culture has been transformed and what needs to be impacted
• Creation of synchronized and aligned teams that design practices to ensure the achievement of established results

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