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"There are few experiences in life that profoundly impact a person in such a way that they have a lasting effect for years to come. CSL's breakthrough performance technology has provided me insight and access to listening to any environment, whether business or personal, so that I may be effective in my approach to interacting with people. As an executive, I am able to create high performing teams that achieve extraordinary results. As a husband and father, I am far more capable of generating deeper, more meaningful relationships with my family by applying what I have learned through the coaching and training from CSL. "
Domingo Camarano
Regional Executive
Kitchell - US

“In all my years of working with every kind of consultant under the sun, I have never worked with a management technology so simple, so straightforward, so powerful and with such extraordinary results as the CSL Breakthrough Performance Technology”
Michael D. Lizarraga
President and CEO
TELACU Industries - US

“With CSL, we have accomplished in 6 months what we usually have done in 12 months. We have fulfilled our goal of reducing drilling times by 50%. That is called Breakthrough Results.”
Ricardo Sarmiento
Executive Manager
ECOPETROL - Colombia

“Executives who are really looking for their teams to achieve their organization's strategy and more than that, pass on results, have to work with CSL.”
Hugh McDougall
Providence S.A. Limited - UK

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